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1 - The life of Jacob Thomson /

The poem of Winter meeting with such general applause, Mr. Thomson was induced to write the other three seasons, which he finished with equal success. His Autumn was next given to the public, and is the most unfinished of the four; it is not however without its beauties, of which many have considered the story of Lavinia, naturally and artfully introduced, as the most affecting. The story is in itself moving and tender. It is perhaps no diminution to the merit of this beautiful tale, that the hint of it is taken from the book of Ruth in the Old Testament.

2 - Leben des Jakob Thomson /

Weil der Winter einen so allgemeinen Bey fall fand, so ward Herr Thomson, besonders auf das Anrathen des Herrn Mallet bewogen, auch die andern drey Jahrszeiten auszuarbeiten, mit welchen es ihm eben so wohl glückte. Die, welche davon zuerst ans Licht trat, war der Herbst ; hierauf folgte der Frühling und endlich der Sommer.